Marcus Bianconi Stops Emanuel Brugan in Round One!

by admin on May 9, 2009

Marcus-Bianconi-and-trainer-Coach-Craig.jpg Saturday, May 8 2009. In a shocking display of animal strength, speed, power and skill, Marcus Bianconi left spectators and ringside officials agape as he administered one of the most savage beatings imaginable on his opponent Emanuel Brugan. Fans after the bout exclaimed, “Bianconi is a MONSTER!”, “A Human Wrecking Machine!!!”

At the sound of the bell in round one, Bianconi bolted out of his corner like a man possessed – ferociously clubbing both the face and body of Emanuel Brugan. Brugan tried to fight back, but it was of no use. Without any regard for Brugan’s prowess, Bianconi blasted though his opponent’s defense – barreled Brugan into the ropes and dropped him in the corner with a short, hard left. When Brugan rose to beat the count, – Bianconi commenced with horrifying bone crunching combinations that could be heard throughout the arena. Brugan desparately pawed and groped out of defense, while Bianconi continued to smash. Within seconds, Brugan’s face was covered with disfiguring welts – signaling no other alternative to the referee but to mercifully stop the bout at 1:44 of the first round.

Marcus Bianconi’s professional record now stands at 4-0 with 4 knockouts. Marcus credits his success to the tutelage he has received from his trainer Coach Craig Smith and the strength training program designed for him by Iron Curtain Labs.

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